Fittest of Almere

Fittest of Almere is a local Crossfit competition run  from Crossfit Immaculate in Almere.  Crossfit Immaculate will also be the location where the  finals will be taken place.  

Please find below all the relevant information regarding the competition. Please note that to be eligible for the competition athletes are not required to live in Almere.

Skill level 

Athletes are expected to RX benchmark workouts such as: DT, Fran, Diane, Grace & Isabel. This means that athletes are  expected to be able to do: Double unders, HSPU, Pull ups, Chest to bar,  As well as the olympic lifts.


Registration closes: 20/6 

Online qualifier: 13/6-26/6

Finals: 18/9 


To qualify for the finals, athletes need to complete 3 qualifying  workouts (video submission is  required). The announcement of all three workouts will be on the 13th of June, after which athletes have two weeks to submit their scores, including a link tot their video.


Both the top 15  men and woman will be invited  for the inperson finals on the 18th of September.  The finals will take place at Crossfit Immaculate in Almere.  

Price purse 

For both the woman and men  division there will be a cash price purse. 

1st: € 150- 

2nd: € 100- 

3th: € 50- 


Qualifying ticket: € 10- 

Finals ticket: € 39- 

Spectator ticket: € 5- 


To register for the Fittest of Almere fill in the form below. You will receive a e-mail with a payment link. As soon as the payment is done your registration in complete. Make sure your payment is done before the end of the qualifier to participate in the qualifier.

Refund Policy & Covid-19 

To participate in the online  qualifier and finals, athletes needto register via the form below. There is a no-refund policy for both tickets. We know that we live in a Covid-19 phase. If the government  states that we cannot host the event, we will aim to move the finals. If we need to cancel,  all bought tickets minus administration costs will be refunded. If you are an athlete and you are not allowed to travel to the finals location, we do not offer a refund. 

    After submitting the contactform you will get a notification we received your application. Please be aware the message might be in your spam folder.